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We are honored to announce you
that we have just completed the foundation
and appreciate your great cooperation.

Save Shizuku-chan with A New Heart

Shizuku, 2nd grade elementary school girl,

has been diagnosed with rare cardiomyopathy and suffering from fatal arrhythmia; however, she has a strong will to go back to school with a big dream for the future.
Please help us raise the money to cover the costs of the heart transplant and travel to the U.S. to get the surgery.

Plea from Shizuku’s Parents

We’ll never forget the day we were told that she has some kind of cardiomyopathy. Sitting by her hospital bedside, we just couldn’t stop crying every night.

Why her?  Imagining the pain she would have to go through physically and mentally, we were just devastated by the fact that there’s not much we could do.

But even as a child,
Shizuku has prepared herself to face her disease and never complains about loads of medicines, painful exams, numerous blood tests…

She has overcome all these difficulties one step at a time.

Her dreams might be the ordinary things like running the 100-meter dash at the sports day at school, going on a family trip… but as we look at her fighting with the disease holding these dreams and hopes for the future, we just cannot give up on her.
We want to make her dreams come true.

We know this is too much to ask, but we would truly appreciate if you could give us your support.

Thank you.

Toshiya & Izumi Okazaki

From the Representative of the Support Group, “Save Shizuku-chan with A New Heart”

Shizuku-chan, 2nd grade elementary school girl, has been diagnosed with left ventricular non-compaction (LVNC), intractable disease of unknown cause.

She’s already been accepted by the Columbia University (USA); however, this heart transplant cost won’t be covered by the insurance or public assistance and requires enormous amounts of money which is far beyond a family can afford.

To save this little life and the bright future, please give us your warm support.

Sho Ikei
Representative of the Support Group, “Save Shizuku-chan with A New Heart”

About Shizuku’s Disease – What is left ventricular non-compaction (LVNC)

Shizuku’s muscular wall of the left ventricle of the heart is spongy as the fibres of heart muscles have failed to compact in the process of heart’s development.

This affects the heart’s ability to work as a pump and the function of the heart gradually weakens.

As the disease progresses, there is no other way than to get a heart transplant to save her life.


Deposit $1.86 million
Reserved Fund $242,000
Transportation Fee
(Chartered plane, air tickets , ambulance etc.)
Living Expenses in the U.S. $57,000
Administration Fee etc. $17,000
Total $2.70 million

* Assumed exchange rate $1 = JPY 115
* Reserved fund is to cover the cost if the medical bill exceeds the deposit.
* We may raise the targeted amount of this fund-raising if we figure out the total cost would exceed our estimate.

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